It's a beautiful noise made of joy and of strife... like a symphony played by the passing parade... it's the music of life

Beautiful Noise -Neil Diamond

Welcome to Beautiful Noise, the only TFL approved fanlisting in the Musicians: Male category for one of my favorite entertainers, Neil Diamond. Choosing the name for this fanlisting was easy; there was only one idea that popped into my head. I remember my parents telling me to "turn down that noise!" and I also remember saying that exact same thing to my kids. Listening to Heavy Metal is noise to me; but songs by Neil Diamond... that's beautiful noise!

So what is a fanlisting? It's simply a site that lists people from all over the world who share one thing in common: their love and support for a particular actor, actress, movie, song, tv episode, etc. The only requirements to become a member are your name and country. So take a few minutes to have a look around and if you too are a fan of Neil Diamond, please join us!

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